Our Networks

Our Networks

We operates a vast network that moves a variety of cargos including raw materials, industrial products, consumer durables, drugs and pharmaceuticals, agricultural products and many more. Highest load we carry is confidence of our customer.

Our service is not a promise, it is a commitment.

Our areas of operation extending all over Faridabad and Madhya Pradesh states covering more than 1000 stations in both states. The Company is also proposing to set up new branch associates in various towns of Kanpur, Haryana, Delhi, Lucknow, Gujrat and is also in the process of purchasing new vehicles, trucks and mini trucks to cater the needs of our valued customers located in Ghaziabad, Bhopal, Rajasthan and entire India.

We cover more than above 350 stations from U.P and Gujrat to Rajasthan/ Haryana/ Delhi and All Over India.




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